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Sprint 1 of my website, doing it in Agile way :)

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Sergio Freire
Sergio Freire

Before 2019 ends, it's time to reborn and create my space, my spot to talk about many things, including software testing, Agile and more. Decoration and content will come with time.

Welcome to my website and my first blog post here. I have been postponing the creation of a website, including owning the domain for quite a while. I wanted to have something cool and elaborate. However, this got delayed, postponed, forgotten. Ever had this kind of feeling in your projects? Probably so, if they suffer from those waterfallish kind of problems. I aim to improve this site with time, by continuous learning and iterating on it. Part of my goals include writing here some stuff once in a while. Topics will include testing, Agile, technology, whatever comes to mind and that may be relevant, at least for some of you.

I hope you enjoy it, feedback is always welcome!

Thanks for reading this article; as always, this represents one point in time of my evolving view :) Feedback is always welcome. Feel free to leave comments, share, retweet or contact me. If you can and wish to support this and additional contents, you may buy me a coffee ☕